Camera Bean Bags
High Quality Camera Accessory

Each Camera Bean Bag support is made up of two interconnected bags They form a "H" section allowing the bags to grip a car door or platform etc.  They can also be used in a conventional manner.

They come with a carrying strap that doubles as a bracing support and a strong Velcro and press stud fastener.

They come ready to use with light weight polystyrene balls and are available in three sizes:

  • Standard - 250mm x 170mm x170mm Weight 150g
  • Large - 310mm x 210mm x 210mm Weight 300g
  • Super - 380mm x 270mm x 270mm Weight 450g

All weights and dimensions are approximate.The bags are easily re-filled.

The Standard will suit Compact/Bridge Cameras and most lenses up to 200mm, Large bags for telephoto and Super for super telephoto lenses . 

The bags are fantastic at eliminating camera shake.

All sizes are available in a variety of colours & can be made to measure..


Our Bean Bags in Use
- Photographer Alistair Gray of Glasgow

Picture Credit - Jayne Gray

 Click on the thumbnails below to view larger images of the Camera Bean Bags in use.

The Camera Bag can be used for a variety of activities, not just photography.  They are currently being used by one of our recent customers as an air rifle support.  They are as versatile as you want them to be.